Malindus Gadur



Malindus Gadur is a human wizard of noble birth from the city of Big Town. Malindus is a man of only twenty two with short black hair and black eyes. He has a mildly sharp brow, no facial hair, and pierced ears. He dresses in fine linens and silks, often embroidered, gilded, or otherwise finely appointed. Buckles, jewelry, and other decorations of dwarven make often adorn his clothing and body. In terms of mannerism Malindus is rather typical for a person of his age and station. He is largely ambiguous with others, though he’ll be the first to let them know of his discontents. He can be lazy, selfish, prideful, and bossy but never displays these qualities to a gross extent. These mannerisms are a product of his noble upbringing, but are also kept in check by it. Malindus has a deep seated passion for magical study and spends many hours reading and writing magic daily. His neutral good alignment reflects his simple desires for good will to reign above all in a world filled with moral grey areas, complex institutionalized beliefs, and outright corruption and destruction.


Mal, only to his family and closest friends, has been trained in the arcane arts of divination by his father, Darian Gadur, since his adolescence. Due to imperial restrictions on arcane magic these lessons would be carried out in secret, away from the prying eyes of the public and the long reach of the empire’s inquisitors. For many years, Malindus toiled his hours away in an extradimensional study space beneath his father’s library. Like all arcane casters hiding throughout the empire he was taught to do magic without need for component materials. A keen intellect allowed the youth to master magic with ease, however as a member of the nobility, certain expectations were placed upon him by society.

Beside his intensive training in magic, young Malindus trained as a squire to maintain appearances. This dual life, coupled with unending visions supplied by his steady progress as a diviner, deprived the young man of proper sleep for years. The scrawny teenager quickly learned to rely on his agility and premonitions from his divinations to keep himself safe from harm while learning to spar and fight. The few injuries he did sustain only made him more resilient. Through a collection of spells he mastered and a personal penchant for the crossbow, Malindus faked his way to the top of the class.

As his twenty first birthday passed and his dubbing ceremony drew near, local inquisitor Meinrick Wyrmsbane took a particular interest in Malindus. A survey of the academy produced a handful of skeptics with varying stories implicating Mal on various counts of heresy and wizardry. After a somewhat awkward series of interactions between them, the feeling of cat and mouse was too apparent and Wyrmsbane decided to arrange a formal interrogation. Tipped off by his political colleagues, Count Darian Gadur immediately devised a plan. Filling a pack with scrolls and gold, Count Gadur awoke Malindus in the early hours of the morning. Explaining his situation in it’s entirety, Darian outlined the route by which the young wizard would make his escape. With a cold wash of invisibility the father sent his son off towards the Big Town

After a 3 day voyage aboard the merchant caravel known as the Spotted Dolphin, Malindus arrived in Belleport. A carriage chauffeur awaited his disembarkation and escorted him to a local safe house. The crowded hostel held a number of other individuals and Malindus was grateful to spend only one night there. The following evening the chauffeur set Mal up with a single mule and covered cart

Malindus Gadur

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